Salman Khan is without a doubt all the rage. Not for any of his up and coming discharge, but rather for his relationship status. While the majority of his fans are excitedly sitting tight for their Sallu Bhai to wed soon, there are a few actresses who dated Salman Khan. In any case, what occurred next? Things went other way! Yes, here are 7 actresses who were in a sentimental association with Salman Khan yet he made things go other way. It would appear that he would not like to lose his lone wolf status too early!

1. Sangeeta Bijlani


Salman Khan’s own life made news interestingly when reports of him being “close” to previous lovely lady Sangeeta Bijlani made features. Amid her spell in Bollywood, Sangeeta found a partner in Salman and this was recently the start of their undertaking. This leggy young lady was head over foot sole areas in adoration with Sallu Bhai who was not that well known around then. Unperturbed by their names standing out as truly newsworthy, the twosome could be spotted wherever together. Exactly when everybody in the Hindi film industry believed that Sangeeta would settle down with Salman, she apparently rescued from the relationship refering to Salman’s claimed infidelity as the reason and drop their marriage after the cards were distributed.

2. Somy Ali


Subsequent to going separate ways with Sangeeta Bijlani, Salman discovered comfort in Somy Ali’s arms. The Pakistani columnist turned-performer, Somy, guaranteed to have succumbed to Salman at 15 years old. The on-screen character promptly began to look all starry eyed at the showy and chirpy on-screen character. In spite of the fact that Somy’s father was very against the relationship, the ‘affection struck’ couple stayed careless in regards to it. They proceeded with their relationship for quite a while and made to features over and over again. In any case, destiny had something unique composed for them. Somy Ali was eager to wed him however of course, Salman wasn’t prepared to settle in his life too early. The performer rejected and solicited her to exit from his life. Their closeness soon transformed into contempt when Somy Ali purportedly confessed all and addressed the media about Salman’s liquor addiction. Then again, Salman who was a notable name in the business, professedly floated separated as he couldn’t deal with her youthful conduct.

3. Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif was said to be dating Salman Khan. After the debacle of her debut film Blast, the on-screen character looked for assistance from Salman. Salman being a man of his words, allegedly helped Katrina pack two or three movies. Both appeared to be totally stricken by each other. Katrina’s profession brought off with the Salman Khan – starrer Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya and there was no turning back for the on-screen character after that. Be that as it may, the inconvenience went free when the performer discovered Katrina required with Ranbir Kapoor. This ended Salman-Ranbir’s kinship on a sharp note.

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